Billing Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequency of Billing

We will invoice you one month in advance until termination either on the date you commenced the service, or invoice you pro-rata for the first month and thereafter on the first day of the month to align to calendar months.

Service charges are invoiced monthly. Excess Usage (where applicable) charges will be calculated at the end of the month.

We will automatically charge the invoiced amount to your nominated credit card or direct bank debit to you nominated account. This amount will include the monthly charges for the service, charges for additional features on your account, and any excess charges as may be applicable for your Service.

Declined Transaction

If your credit card is declined or your direct debit bank account has insufficient funds available, you will be charged a $21.50 handling fee by our merchant provider EziDebit. In addition your service may be suspended. If charges remain unpaid after 14 days, Ascensa may at its discretion, in addition to any other remedy available to it, terminate the service and/or charge a late administration fee $7.70 and commence our debt recovery procedure.

How we send your invoice to you

Ascensa will send all Tax Invoices via customer’s nominated email that they chose at the time of sign up. The email that receives the invoice notification can be changed at anytime by contacting our Customer Care team on (03) 9975 4046.

When we send invoices

Invoices are emailed to customers on the 1st day of each month

If you do not receive your invoice by the 4th day of the month, please contact our billing team and we can resend your invoice.

• The information we provide on your invoice

• The subject line in the email will detail – Tax Invoice

• The email address that is received from –

• The invoice date – the date the invoice was generated

• The due date – is the date your nominated account will be debited

• The previous balance (for any outstanding amounts will be detailed)

• Payments – will advise of the past month payment received

• New charges – reflects the new charges for the current billing period

• Total charges (for this invoice) the amount that will be debited

• Total inclusive of GST – the 10% GST that will be applied to the total amount

• Service charges –this will be clearly detailed e.g.e equipment, your plan information, any other applicable services

When your account will be debited

Direct debit and credit card processing will be executed on the 10th day of each month. If the 1st day of the month falls on a weekend or a public holiday, payment processing will take place on the next business day.

The payment terms for each of your services can be found in the relevant terms and conditions for your service. As part of the agreement you have authorised payment of all the charges that will appear on your tax invoice.

When are payments due on my account?

Invoices are payable on the 20th day of each month.

How can I dispute a charge on my Tax Invoice?

If you believe that some charge(s) on your Invoice have been applied incorrectly, please contact Ascensa billing team on (03) 9975 4047 to raise an Invoice Dispute.

The accounts team will conduct an investigation into the dispute.

Once the review is complete, if it has been determined it is a legitimate dispute, a refund (if applicable) will appear on your next invoice.


• You can cancel your service at any time

• Cancellation request must be provided in writing

• Minimum noticed required is thirty (30) days

• We accept and recommend cancellation notices by email –

All cancellations take effect 30 days from the date the written confirmation is received by Ascensa, unless alternative arrangements have been made with your Account Manager and is confirmed in writing.