Billing terms and conditions

Ascensa has designed a clear and easy to read invoice, providing information that reflects your usage and other charges. We offer month to month billing with no cancellation fees. Any service contract cancelled will require outstanding amounts to be paid up until the end of the current month.


We provide paperless billing. You will need to provide a nominated email address for billing notifications. Invoices are issued on the 1st day of each month and due on the 10th day of each month. In the case where the 1st day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the invoice will be issued on the following business day. Your first recurring invoice may be higher because it includes the partial plan fee billed in arrears (for the period between your service activation and your first recurring invoice) plus the plan fee for the following month billed in advance. We may raise an initial invoice for non-recurring products and services as these items will require immediate payment.

Payment Terms

The following payments must be settled in advance before we proceed with an application. These charges include but are not limited to:

• new service activation
• professional installation
• purchase of hardware
• non-standard technical service call out
• non-recurring product and service items

All invoices will be due on the 10th, failing to make payment by the due date will incur a late administrative fee of $7.70 inclusive GST for residential and $22.00 inclusive GST for business customers.

Payment Options

Ascensa accepts the following payment methods:

• Credit Card (Mastercard and VISA only) – Administrative processing fee of 1.65% of monthly invoice total will be charged by Ascensa
• Direct Bank Transfer (Business Customers Only)
• Direct Debit – Direct debit is executed on the 10th day of each month and can take between 2-3 business working days for settlement

Credit Control

Ascensa will proactively communicate with customers to provide adequate reminders regularly by email which is automatically dispatched by our credit control system.

• Invoices that are 5 days overdue will incur an administrative late fee of $7.70 (residential), $22.00 (business) inclusive GST
• Invoices that are 8 days overdue will have their service placed in suspension by close of business
• Invoices that are 10 days overdue will receive a courtesy reminder notice that their service is still in suspension
• Invoices that are 14 days overdue will have their services cancelled by the close of business

Service Suspension and Cancellation

We have implemented an automated service suspension and cancellation procedure. This procedure may be manually overridden by an authorised representative of Ascensa if the company believes that any continuation of a service may cause financial or reputational loss or damage to the business.

Ascensa may initiate a service suspension or cancellation without notice if the following occurs:

• We have attempted to contact a customer by email and phone without success where an account is overdue by more than 8 business days
• We believe that the commercial agreement between Ascensa and the customer is no longer financially viable to the company
• We have reason to believe that actions carried out by a customer may cause financial or reputational damage to the business
• A customer has failed to comply with our billing terms

Unsuspension of Service

There is no charge for the unsuspension of a service. A service will be unsuspended once full payment has been made by the customer and funds have cleared in our business bank account. Ascensa may unsuspend a service before payment funds have cleared however we will require the payment confirmation receipt to be emailed to our Billing Team. If you have made an overpayment to your invoice, your account will be in credit and this amount will be automatically adjusted accordingly by our billing system in the next billing cycle.

Reactivation of Service

If your service has been cancelled, you will need to pay a reactivation fee of $77.00 (residential & business) inclusive GST. This amount will need to be paid in full before the service is reactivated by Ascensa.

Customer Credit Health

• If you have been black listed or have a bad credit history, we reserve the right to not proceed with your application
• If you are unable to make payment in full and on time, you will need to contact Ascensa in writing to provide the reason for the non-payment
• If you are experiencing financial difficulties in meeting your payment obligations, please refer to our Financial Hardship Policy for assistance

Debt Recovery

If you fail to meet your financial obligations as per your service agreement with Ascensa, we reserve the right to implement reasonable measures to recover the outstanding debt. We may refer your details to a credit bureau which may adversely affect your long term credit rating until the outstanding debt has been settled with Ascensa.

In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs. Overdue accounts of more than 30 days will be subject to interest at the rate of 13% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.

Customer Responsibilities

• You must contact us immediately if you have not received your monthly invoice by the 5th day of the month
• You must contact us if you have not received any credit control reminder notifications after the 25th day of the month
• You are responsible for providing correct and up to date payment information
• You are responsible for updated account contact information i.e. Account holder name, telephone contact and email contact

Failure to meet our billing terms and conditions may result in suspension or cancellation of your service by Ascensa.

Direct Debit Service Agreement