UNPLANNED OUTAGE – Responsible Authority: REDTRAIN NETWORKS / Telstra

Status: CLOSED

Start Time: Monday 31st Aug 2020 – 10:15am AEST
End Time: Monday 31st Aug 2020 – 23:30pm AEST
Outage Location: Pakenham-VIC, Warragul-VIC
Serviced Estate: Edenbrook Estate, Amberlea Estate, Waterford Rise Estate
Affected Services: IP Telephony, Fibre Broadband

Outage Description – 31/08/20 10:15am AEST
Suspected unplanned outage due to brief power disrutpion. Ascensa has notfied REDTRAIN Networks of the incdent and awating official confirmation.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 11:40am AEST
Surrounding area in Warragul-VIC has been added to the unplanned outage. REDTRAIN has advised that engineers have been dispatched to further investigate the fault, no ETR on service restoration.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 12:45pm AEST
REDTRAIN engineers have attended site and confirmed that the Telstra MRV device is down. REDTRAIN Networks has raised a fault with Telstra to investigate the problem, no ETR on service restoration.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 15:45pm AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has advised that a Telstra engineer is scheduled to be dispatched to perform a physical assessment of the affected MRV device as it is currently unreachable remotely.  All services connecting to the South Eastern FTTH exchange in Pakemham will be impacted, this disruption extends to services connected to the Warragul FTTH edge exchange. No ETR on service restoration.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 19:00pm AEST
A Telstra resource has now been assigned and confirmed for emergency dispatch. Estimated time of arrival by Telstra engineer to the South Eastern FTTH exchange will be aproximately 01:30am AEST on Tuesday 1st of September. REDTRAIN engineers will be on standby to assist in expediating the fault resolution process once Telstra technicians reach site.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 22:30pm AEST
Engineers on site at South Eastern FTTH exchange, service restoration in progress.

Outage Description – 31/08/20 23:30pm AEST
All services to the surrounding Pakenham and Warragul areas have been restored. Fault was isolated back to faulty ports within the Telstra Data Centre.