Status: CLOSED

Start Time: Monday 25th Jan 2021 – 15:20 pm AEST
End Time: Monday 25th Jan 2021 – 17:0 0 pm AEST
Outage Location: Pakenham-VIC
Serviced Estate: Edenbook Estate, Amberlea Estate
Affected Services: IP Telephony, Fibre Broadband

Outage Description – 25/01/21 – 15:25 pm AEST
Suspected unplanned outage with REDTRAIN Networks in the surrounding Pakenham-VIC area. The unscheduled outage was due to an unexpected power disruption that has affected the carrier’s equipment. Power has been restored within the Pakenham exchange, and services to the carriers core equipment is in the process of being restored.

Outage Update – 25/01/21 – 15:35 pm AEST
All services for customers with Huawei ONU’s (Optical Network Units) have been restored. All services for customer’s with Corcess ONU’s will be restored shortly, this is due to the registration process requiring more time to authenticate active devices.

Outage Update– 25/01/21 – 17:00 pm AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has advised that all services to customers have been restored. Customers with a Corcess ONU is advised to power-cycle the device by switching off the unit and leaving it offline for 30 seconds before powering the unit back up. If services have not restored after a hard reboot, please send an email to support@ascensa.com.au for further assistance.