Unplanned Outage:

Responsible Authority: REDTRAIN NETWORKS

Status: CLOSED
Severity: High
Start Time: 10:00am (AEST), Saturday, 16/03/2019
End Time: 2:00pm. (AEST), Sunday, 17/03/2019
Location: Heidelberg-VIC
Estates: Haig Estate
Service Affected: Fibre Broadband, IP Telephony

Outage Description
Suspected unplanned outage with REDTRAIN NETWORKS in the Haig Estate, Heidelberg. Customers are advised to email support@ascensa.com.au if they are experiencing service difficulties.

Outage Update – 11:00am (AEST), Saturday, 16/03/2019
REDTRAIN NETWORKS have been informed of the service disruption affecting Ascensa customers. The issue has been escalated, currently awaiting details of the service outage. No estimated time of restoration has been provided by REDTRAIN NETWORKS.