UNPLANNED OUTAGE – Responsible Authority: REDTRAIN NETWORKS / Telstra

Status: CLOSED

Start Time: Thursday 14th May 2020 – 10:45am AEST
End Time: Thursday 14th May 2020 – 15:30pm AEST
Outage Location: Heidelberg-VIC
Serviced Estate: Heidelberg Heights
Affected Services: IP Telephony, Fibre Broadband

Outage Description – 14/05/20 10:45am AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has reported an unplanned outage due to a current Telstra outage in Heidelberg-VIC.Ascensa to advise once further details are provided, we apologies for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Outage Update – 14/05/20 15:30pm AEST
All affected services in Heidelberg-VIC has been restored. Fault due to unplanned Telstra outage.