Unplanned Outage:

Responsible Authority: REDTRAIN NETWORKS

Status: CLOSED
Severity: High
Start Time: 8:00am (AEST) Wednesday, 31/01/2018
End Time: 1:00pm (AEST) Wednesday, 31/01/2018
Location: Pakenham-VIC, Warragal-VIC
Estate: Amberlea, Edenbrook, Waterford Rise
Service Affected: Fibre Broadband, IP Telephony

Outage Description
REDTRAIN NETWORKS currently experiencing service difficulties in Pakenham and Warragal due to an unplanned power outage that has affected Telstra backhaul services. REDTRAIN NETWORKS will advise once service has been restored, please allow for up to 45 minutes for registrations of optical network units (ONU’s) to the carriers core network.