Remote Assistance

Ascensa offers a secure and efficient way to receive technical support through the Internet using our remote assistance system.

The remote support session is secure and encrypted with the latest encryption technology. Our technicians are trained to be highly skilled with service support and are accountable in our controlled and monitored environment. All sessions are recorded and audited to enforce our high quality control standards.

With our remote support systems you are 100% in control. Restrictions can be placed on our technicians and you can cancel the remote session at any time. Also there’s no need to wait for the technician to arrive at your premises and there are no travel cost incurred. Services are delivered directly to your home through your Internet connection on demand.

Customer Applet

With the customer’s permission, a small .exe file automatically downloads to the remote PC. It’s part of our remote control software interface through which technicians communicate with customers and conduct remote support. The applet automatically removes itself from the remote PC at session conclusion.

The applet provides remote customers with:

  • Interactive chat and detailed session history
  • Prompts to permit or deny technicians access to all functions
  • File transfer to the technician
  • Ability to stop remote control or disconnect at anytime