Status: CLOSED

Start Time: Tuesday 30th Mar 2021 – 17:49 pm AEST
End Time: Tuesday 30th Mar 2021 – 17:00 pm AEST
Reason: Unplanned Power Disruption
Outage Location: Pakenham-VIC, Warragul-VIC
Serviced Estate: Surrounding Area
Affected Services: IP Telephony, Fibre Broadband

Outage Description – 30/03/21 17:55 pm AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has advised that an unplanned power disruption has affected customers in the surrounding Pakenham and Warragul area. Huawei ONU’s have successfully registered to the network and are back online. Registration for Corcess ONU’s are in progress and may take up to 90 minutes to be registered with the Pakenham OLT (Optical LIne Terminal).

Outage Description – 30/03/21 19:00 pm AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has advised that all services have been restored, if you continue to experience issues please reboot your ONU. If you require assistance with this, please send an email to our support team and a representative will contact you to assist with power-cycling your equipment.