UNPLANNED OUTAGE – Responsible Authority: REDTRAIN NETWORKS / Telstra

Status: CLOSED

Start Time: Friday 21st Aug 2020 – 13:20pm AEST
End Time: Friday 21st Aug 2020 – 15:40pm AEST
Outage Location: Springvale-VIC
Serviced Estate: REDTRAIN Serviced Estates Springvale
Affected Services: IP Telephony, Fibre Broadband

Outage Description – 21/08/20 13:15pm AEST
REDTRAIN Networks has advised of an unplanned emergency outage in the surrounding Springvale area in Victoria. Telstra investigating packet loss issue and will be required to conduct network testing.

Outage Update– 21/08/20 15:40am AEST
Telstra has completed the emergency work, all services affected by the emergnecy unplanned outage has been restored.