ASCOMM Fibre Broadband

Ascensa is an approved Internet Service Provider (ISP) of RedTrain Networks providing superfast RedTrain Fibre Internet services in various locations across Australia. The carrier has deployed Fibre to the Home (FTTH) exchanges to a number of RedTrain Serviced Communities comprising of greenfield developments and multi-dwelling apartments. As a certfied Retail Service Provider (RSP), Ascensa connects customers to affordable superfast Fibre Broadband services with speeds up to 250Mbps.

If your Optical Network Unit (ONU) has not been installed, a new fibre connection is required to be commissioned by the carrier. A once-off connection fee will be charged directly by the network operator. If you already have an ONU installed at your premises, we can assist with getting your service connected within three (3) business days, we have a connection track record of connecting customers within 24 hours of an order submitted before 12pm on the current business day..

Affordable, superfast and reliable

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Deluxe 50


Minimum Charge $157.88

50/20 Mbps


Average evening speeds 40Mbps

Family Package

Monthly Pay As You Go

No cancellation fees

Deluxe 100


Minimum Charge $183.88

100/40 Mbps


Average evening speeds 80Mbps

Homefast Package

Monthly Pay As You Go

No cancellation fees

Deluxe 250


Minimum Charge $216.88

250/50 Mbps


Average evening speeds 200Mbps

Home Superfast Package

Monthly Pay As You Go

No cancellation fees

SOHO 250


Minimum Charge $256.88

250/100 Mbps


Average Evening speeds 200Mbps

Work From Home

Monthly Pay As You Go

No cancellation fees